About Us

About Us

Back in 1997 my family started The Dish Famous Pizza – a restaurant and bar. We began with one goal in mind – sell a pizza with the best ingredients available. Our use of real whole milk mozzarella, fresh packed tomatoes and top quality meats has allowed us to thrive.

Over the years we have maintained that unwavering commitment to quality in a belief that quality products attract quality customers. It worked.

Our success in the restaurant gave us the opportunity to continue that commitment to quality in the development of our frozen pizza products. All of our frozen pizzas reflect the passion and drive to create the best frozen pizza on the market today.

Our frozen pizzas are sold in multiple cities across the Midwest and continue to represent the quality and value that our family believed in from the beginning. We invite to you try one today.


– Jason H. Ransom
Founder, The DISH Famous Pizza